Introduction to the German language

The current situation with a large number of refugees coming to Germany requires rapid action. In order to facilitate the integration of people who are likely to remain in Germany permanently and have not yet taken part in an integration course or language course offered by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), the Federal Employment Agency has decided to expand its commitment to language promotion once only and to promote a welcome course for asylum seekers.

Target group:
Asylum seekers from Syria, Eritrea, Iraq and Iran as well as people without knowledge of German

- Welcome, Introduction and Family
- Schedule and times of day
- Weekdays, numbers, colors and time
- Household and living
- Shopping
- Body and Health
- Clothing, Seasons and Weather
- Working and learning
- Communication, media and leisure
- Traffic and Orientation
- Authorities, Religion and Customs

Learning goals:
The aim of this measure is to bring the participants up to language level A1. This means that the participant can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very simple sentences aimed at satisfying concrete needs. He/she can introduce him/herself and others and ask other people questions about his/her person - e.g. where they live, what people they know or what things they have - and can answer questions of this kind. He/she can also communicate in a simple way if the interviewees speak slowly and clearly and are willing to help.