Our Association

Clavis e.V. was founded in 2015 as a non-profit association. Since then we have carried out various activities and projects in cultural, artistic, linguistic, social and educational fields. Projects for education, projects for dialogues and many projects for integration.

Our volunteers (there are currently 35 of us) use all their time and passion to promote a common life. Through networks, support from the state of NRW, the neighbouring cities, many other social associations as well as many foundations and every single donor, we find the support to remain true to our goal of building bridges to other cultures.

As an honorary association we live from donations. Also you can help us to support. Here you can choose between four possibilities:


1. by a unique money donation
2. through a long-term money donation in the form of a sponsoring membership
3. through a donation in kind
4. through voluntary work in one of our projects


Even if it is only a small amount - for us it is more. Because many small amounts make a whole! Of course your donations are tax deductible. As a non-profit association you will also receive a donation receipt.


Foto: Lars Kronhardt:  https://lk-raw.jimdo.com/

Integration through Education, Sport & Culture

We offer perspectives for various educational offers as well as leisure activities. One focus is integration through education. Here we offer our low-threshold German courses for refugees and people without German language skills. In order to keep things going as well, our focus is on tutoring refugee children and pupils in the main subjects German, Maths and English. If necessary, of course, also other subjects. We are committed to helping you, helping you to fill out the BuT-applications, so that the tutoring is free of charge for you.

Integration through sport: With our internationally positioned integrative football group, which meets regularly once a week on Fridays and with whom we have organised the International Football Tournament for the third time in cooperation with the city pilots Velbert.

Integration through culture: This includes the learning of a musical instrument for children, as well as joint excursions with all children and their parents to amusement parks, or the intercultural café and tea room, joint cooking courses, the children's play groups and much more.


With the cooperation of the German-Turkish theatre group "Halber Apfel" as well as the Stadtlotsen Velbert and the Christuskirche we would like to promote intercultural work. Building a bridge to other cultures and religions for a common purpose - that is our goal.

We are there for you. Clavis always has an open ear and we will volunteer to help you if you have any questions or problems. We have created a large network for this purpose.

The great demand shows that we are on the right track.


Our rooms


We're busy all week. From Monday to Thursday we give tutoring and various courses, such as computer courses for women or German courses.

On Fridays we have music courses and on weekends special youth groups as well as children's and bambini courses.

Our premises are located directly opposite the Thalia library and above Bäcker Bär. There we have 3 classrooms, 1 office. 1 children's playroom, 1 kitchen, 1 small library and toilets.








Bahnhofstraße 3
42551 Velbert


Tel: 02051/ 80 96 750

E-Mail: info@clavis-ev.de

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